Current exhibition
My memories with Louay Kayali - Ghassan Jedid

Syria .. This holy land, rooted in history, will rise from its ashes like the Phoenix Bird to hug the light. So will be “Alef Noon” Gallery, a flap of a bird’s wing in the deep color of those people who looks forward to build both the human and the nation, in an everlasting love relationship between the luminous character and the color.  The letter is not only a symbol of beauty, it is a human being; a bridge for communication in an eternal journey confirming the core of “Alef Noon” as a space and aesthetic concept. It is a cultural space looking toward the beauty covered in the warmth of spirituality released of all burdens in order to reflect in the mirror of a spacious humanity entitled: Diversity, Difference, and Spiritual Embracing.

“Alef Noon” Gallery is the “A” (the letter ‘A’ in English = the letter ‘أ’ in Arabic) that describes the special relationship between God and his knowledgeable creatures. It is the secret vertical relationship between God and the human being reflected by his behaviors. Then it comes the Noon “N” (the letter ‘N’ in English = the letter ‘ن’ in Arabic) referring to the womb of the first Eve – the holy land that embraces the seed, waiting for the water and for the emergence of Alef “A” curved in three motions: the heart, the mind, and the thought. It continues its way toward the wisdom in a horizontal relationship to invite people to love, mercy, and forgiveness. As if we monologue our creator, the God; Alef Allah (A)=the God, Alef Adam, Alef Noon إنجيل=the Bible, Alef Noon قرآن=Quoran. Then there is the “س” which is  إنسان (إن س ان)(the letter ‘س’ in Arabic = the letter ‘N’ in English)  and (إنسان means human in English); the ‘س’ is our final journey, our aim toward better future, toward “س” سورية (“S” Syria), that rises to the level of a miracle; yesterday, today, and tomorrow.

“Alef Nooon” is an experiment that seeks to boost a Syrian art, coming out from the heart of a crisis toward spaces released by a dream