Bachir Badawi

artist bio

Born  in Aleppo 1960

  • 1984 Singal exhibition in the French Cultural Center Damascus
  • 1984 Singal exhibition in Somar Arts gallery Aleppo

Shared exhibitions with my brother Nimat Badawi:

  • 1983 an exhibition at Somar gallery Allepo
  • 1988 an exhibition at Accad gallery of arts
  • 1989 an exhibition at Shahbaa  committee gallery Aleppo
  • 1990 an exhibition at Ashtar gallery Damascus
  • 1990 an exhibition at Matilda Salem gallery Catholican club Aleppo
  • 1993 an exhibition at Ornina gallery Damascus
  • 1994 exhibitions at Sayed gallery Damascus
  • 1997 an exhibition at The house of Al Sibaee Damascus
  • 1998 an exhibition at Al Khanji gallery Aleppo
  • 2003 an exhibition at Teshreen gallery Aleppo

The most important shared exhibitions:

  • 1988 exhibition of ten artists from Syria in Al Assad Library Damascus
  • 1991 exhibition of six artists from Syria at Al Alwafaa gallery Damascus
  • 1997  the  colored confessions of Aleppo adorers
  • 2000 Artuel Beirut exhibitions
  • 2000 an exhibition at Al Bal gallery Damascus
  • 2002 exhibition of Modern Art Aexbo-Beirut
  • 2003 an exhibition in Armenia Yerevan (32)
  • 2004  an exhibition in the hall of The Cross Church Damascus
  • 2006 an exhibition in France Savern Arture
  • 2007 an exhibition in France Savern Chateau Des Rohan Arture

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