Bashar Barazy

artist bio

Education: Graduated from the faculty of fine arts-sculpting department-Damascus university in 1985. work history:

  • individual sculpting exhibition in Al-Khanji art gallery-Aleppo
  • individual sculpting exhibition in Fateh Almudarres art gallery-Damascus
  • individual painting (water colors) exhibition in athar alfarashe art gallery-Aleppo
  • individual painting (oil colors and other materials) exhibition in Alasad art gallery- Aleppo
  • Dual exhibition (painting and sculpting) in Al-khanji art gallery in the occasion of (Aleppo the capital of islamic culture) -exhibition with 4 other artists in the Russian culture center-Damascus
  • permanent participant in the annual and group exhibitions.
  • worked as a tutor of art in the institute of fine arts and a lecturer in the faculty of fine arts-sculpting department-Aleppo university
  • worked in journalistic directory and montage -designed puppets for kids’ theatre and shadow fiction theatre.
  • today he teaches fashion design in the school of industrial apprenticeship in Aleppo.
  • Participation in the exhibition ” Halet Habaa ” in the Hall of Alefnooon 2017

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