Ghasan Akel

artist bio

He was born in Deir Ezzor, Syria, 1973

  • I work in the field of art as a graphic designer. I worked as a teacher of art at the Teacher Preparation Institute in Deir Al-Zour for decoration, and a teacher for engineering drawing at Al-Jazirah Private University, and currently a teacher in the school theater of the Ministry of Education in Damascus.
  • I held 3 exhibitions, the first in the Al-Bassel Art Gallery in Deir Ezzor 1998, the second in the lobby of the Meridian Hotel, Damascus 1999, the 1 + 2 exhibition in the House of Visions Hall 2011, and the third in the Art House 2016.
  • Participations in the Youth Exhibition, Spring Exhibition and Autumn Exhibition Participation in the opening exhibition of the first National Center for Visual Arts, holdings of the Presidency of the Republic, the Ministry of Culture and the Ministry of Social Affairs and Labor, the National Center for Visual Arts, private collections in Syria, England, Germany, Lebanon and Saudi Arabia. Resident in Damascus.
  • Halat Habiq Exhibition 2017 in the Alfnooon Gallery

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