Nizar Hattab

artist bio

born in 1969

studied in children of martyrs schools in the cities, “Aleppo and Damascus.”

He studied fine art at the universities of “Beirut”, where he graduated from the “School of Fine Arts”, then the teacher worked in the children of martyrs schools from 1991 to 2000, he studied art at the hands of senior Fine Artists like Artist “Light teacher” and “Adham Ismail” and “Dear Mohammed.”

  • five shows on behalf of the school children of martyrs gave between 1985 and 1997
  • held the first exhibition to him in “Beirut” in 1990

He participated in all the official exhibitions inside and outside the country, and held several solo exhibitions, including:

  • exhibitions in Germany in the city of “Oubbersstadrof” between 2004 and 2005.
  • Exhibition Hall in October with the artist, “Khaldoun Ahmed.”
  • exhibition at the Directorate of Culture “in Aleppo.”
  • Exhibition Hall in “Lion” of Fine Arts.
  • exhibition at the “Lion of Damascus” library in 2007.
  • Exhibition in “Gaziantep” Petrkih City.
  • exhibition in the Technical Services Directorate Hall on the occasion of “milking” the capital of Islamic culture.

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