Wahid Magharbeh

artist bio

Born in Aleppo in 1942

  • 1961 held the first exhibition of his Fathi Mohammed Centre for Fine Arts in Aleppo
  • ⁠⁠1962 held a second exhibition at Fathi Mohammed Centre for Fine Arts in Aleppo
  • ⁠⁠⁠1967 teamed up with a number of fellow artists in the exhibition artists badminton gold in prayers Fine Arts Center in Aleppo and lounge National Museum of Aleppo in 1968
  • ⁠⁠⁠1969 stayed third exhibition at the National Museum in Aleppo
  • ⁠⁠⁠1970 won the Cotton Festival in Aleppo
  • 1972 exhibition held fourth in number lounge in Beirut
  • 1972 established a joint exhibition with Louay Kayali and Dar Saad was in art and literature hall in Beirut
  • 1974 held the fifth exhibition of contemporary hall in Beirut
  • 1975 he traveled to Rome to study photography at the academy
  • 1976 received the technical and industrial guidance in the Rome Prize
  • 1977 won the morning newspaper Bappadumizia Award
  • 1978 established the sixth exhibition in the lounge Tartalea in Rome
  • 1978won the award in the honors imaging of the Academy of Fine Arts in Rome
  • 1979 exhibition held in the seventh Salhponikadl Coward in Rome
  • 1980exhibition held in the eighth Salhbaovid in Florence
  • 1980exhibition held in the ninth lounge Tartalea in Rome
  • 1981 1985 Showing his production in a number of private lounges and contributed illustrations for magazines were issued in London in the eighties and has completed a number of traditional books, most notably the book of history of medicine at the Arabs, which was issued in Paris, Dr. Salman Qtaah 1986 fees established exhibition tenth in the National Museum in Aleppo lounge
  • 1987 1988 participated in numerous group exhibitions in Europe
  • 1989 exhibition held in Dar es atheist ten illiteracy of Fine Arts
  • 1990 established the twelfth exhibition in the Levant Aleppo lounge
  • 1991 exhibition held in the previous ten khanji Aleppo
  • 1993 exhibition held fourteenth in the Levant Aleppo lounge
  • 1997 exhibition held fifteenth in the Levant Aleppo lounge
  • 1998 exhibition XVI resided in the Levant Aleppo lounge
  • 1999 exhibition held in the seventeenth of Fine Arts Guild Hall in Aleppo
  • 2001 exhibition held in October eighteenth lounge in Aleppo at a ceremony hosted by the province of Aleppo to honor the artist Moroccans
  • 2002 exhibition held in the nineteenth Shura hall in Damascus
  • 2002 Mattel city of Aleppo distinguished intellectual and artistic award
  • 2002 won the gold medal for the festival of love in Latakia
  • 2004 exhibition held in Dar es twenty words in Aleppo lounge
  • 2011 retrospective exhibition to him in the Hall of Karma in Aleppo wrote him many critics and dealt with its many newspapers in Syria, Lebanon and the Gulf states and the Europeanization of his works acquired by the Syrian Ministry of Culture and the National Museum in Aleppo, Damascus and destroyed and a number of museums and galleries and the Arab Bank and in private collections inside Syria, Italy and a number of Arab capitals
  • Exhibition Aleppo our intention and you lounge in 2016 Alefnoon Gallery

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