Dual Debate Exhibition

21 September – 2017

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Ismail Nasra

My desired painting is not completed and I still draw and draw …
Plastic Artist | salamiya 1964, Syria

The Eternal Feminine
Woman in Ismail Nasra’s paintings has significant presence, as if she is ‘his lost’ that he never finds. It accompanies him through a multiplicity of themes and ideas that he addressed during his remarkable, soft, feminine, and spontaneous experience; retracing the facial and eyes expressions, and the light spilled from the charming nature ..
And since the rich memory left a huge impact on Nasra’s imagination yet it drafted, using the skill of color, variations, and possibilities, a world filled with tales; to step, the experience of this Artist, forward towrds discrepancies flowed out with poetry, color, and humanity; making him a poet writes with its plume, full of color and elements, the story of his eternal female.

Wael Dahhan

Damascus my holy passion where God is manifested, as well our humanity
Sculptor | damascus 1969, Syria

Manifestations of Divinity
The Sculptor Artist Wael Dahhan brings us in his rich and ancient experience, through the burned mud and delicious chemistry, to explore the worlds of mythology and draw its own symbols; colorful and glamorous ones granted, by his humanity, whiffs full of spiritual richness .. it’s porcelain, bronze, and the structures through which the identity of this Sculptor, full of life and energy, is identified. He is the one who flirts Damascus, dressed heavenly with cyan to reflect God.