Halett Habak

8 July – 2016

Badie Jahjah

Light guides to knowledge..
knowledge is the pulse of Life!

Nabil Al Samman

It’s the painting .. a trip for the craved in a homeland yearns for the truth, goodness, and beauty
Artist | 1957 Damascus, Syria

Rami Wakkaf

No culture witout love .. who likes me .. creates me!
Sculpture | 1975 Tartous Syria

Ismail Nasra

My desired painting is not completed and I still draw and draw …
Plastic Artist | salamiya 1964, Syria

Fuad Abu Aassaf

“I’m still in search for beauty, but never grasp it!”
Sculptor | 1966, Sweida, Syria

Hanna Jean

Plastic Artist | 1981 Aleppo, Syria

Ghazwan Allaf

Every kiss is a promise and a date Sculptor | 1973 Damascus, Syria

Jumaa Nazhan

My memory is full of homes haunting our soul, but we never lived in .. and picture of my mother
Plastic Artist | 1967 Deir al-Zour, Syria

Ayah Shehadeh

Plastic Artist | Hama, Syria 1985

Emeli Farah

Plastic Artist | Damascus, Syria 1954

Adham fadi Al Jaafary

Sculptor | Damascus, Syria

Anwar Al Rahbi

Plastic Artist | Deir al-Zour, Syria 1957

Aksam Talaa

Plastic Artist | Golan, Syria, 1963

George Ashi

Plastic Artist | Aleppo, Syria, 1940

Hamod Al Sleman

Plastic Artist | 1962 Syria

Randa Tuffaha

Plastic Artist | Damascus, Syria 1969

Samokan Asaad

Plastic Artist | Lattakia Syria 1951

Sanaa Qouli

Plastic Artist | Damascus, Syria 1954

Sawsan Al Zouabi

Plastic Artist | Syria Daraa 1963

Sami Al Kour

Plastic Artist | Syria, Damascus 1991

Doha Al Khatib

Plastic Artist | Damascus, Syria 1982

Abed Al Naser Shaal

Plastic Artist | Damascus Syria 1970


Plastic Artist | Syria Latakia – Jableh 1978

Afif Agha

Plastic Artist | Lattakia Syria 1959

Ghazi Ana

Plastic Artist | Tartous Syria 1955

Issa Salameh

sculptor | Banias Syria 1962

Fadi Al Ajjan

Graphic designer | Damascus, Syria, 1986

Vartkes Barsoumian

sculptor | Aleppo, Syria 1967

Lama Hadramot

Plastic Artist | Hama, Syria 1989

Mazen Ghanem

Plastic Artist | Lattakia, Syria, 1968

Mwafak Makhol

Plastic Artist | Damascus Syria 1958

Najwa Ahmad

Najwa Ahmad | Plastic Artist | Tartous Syria 1969

Nizar Ali Bder

sculptor | Lattakia Syria 1964

Nidal Khwess

Plastic Artist | Swaida Syria 1970

Walid Al Agha

Plastic Artist | Damascus Syria

Noha Jbara

Plastic Artist | Kalamon, Syria 1967

Hisham Al Ghado

sculptor | Deir al-Zour, Syria 1965

Bashar Barazy

Plastic Artist | Syria